Retailers, here are 5 trends we saw during Black Friday 2016

We look back on Black Friday 2016 and identify 5 trends we saw emerging:

Black Friday became a longer sales event

In 2015, we saw advertisers stretch their Black Friday promotions to extend over a period of a week and in 2016 Amazon extended their Black Friday promotion over two weeks. We expect this to continue this year with other retailers following suit.

Traditionally, in the US Black Friday promotions start after Thanksgiving, however, with it not being a national holiday in the UK, retailers are able to move and stretch their promotions as they see fit.

Black Friday is very much a mobile event

Adoption and usage of mobile continue to increase every year. It comes as no surprise people are increasingly browsing deals on their mobile devices. Our website data showed 69% of traffic came via a mobile device.

One factor for this is the time consumers are searching for deals in the UK. Last year we saw the highest peak at midnight, with most people likely to be browsing on their mobile devices whilst in bed. The second peak was at 8 AM. Unlike in the US where it is a public holiday in some states and most workers choose to take it off, in the UK we are busy commuting to work and browsing on our mobile devices. We expect more and conversions from mobile devices this year.

Black Friday is a social event

We saw an increasing amount of traffic comes from social media websites last year. The UK public was discussing and sharing Black Friday deals more than ever before.

We saw a huge increase in traffic via Facebook.

Black Friday expands beyond tech

Whilst Black Friday has dominated demand for tech deals such as TVs, games consoles and mobile phones, we are seeing Black Friday gaining pace in other categories. Other verticals we saw an increased demand for is travel, health & beauty and clothing.

Last year, we even saw Ford taking part in Black Friday. There, further demand for automobile deals will arise.

Black Friday in the UK is an international event

We saw an increase in traffic coming from outside the UK. There is an appetite from overseas buyers to grab a bargain. With the pound still relatively weak, we expect to see more demand from overseas.