Use this chart to save £250 spend during Black Friday!

We’ve all been there: Black Friday comes around and there are mega discounts on all your favourite products, and let's not forget on all the presents you need to buy for Christmas, but your bank account simply says, NO.

This is why we have created this ingenious chart to help save you £250 to spend over Black Friday. Begin saving during October to complete the 31-day challenge!

Simply put away the amount shown away into a savings account (or under your mattress if you must) and after the 31 day period you will have accumulated £250. Even if you manage to save half the amount shown on each day you will save at least £125.

We’ve included lesser amounts to save over the weekend as we know it’s likely your wallet will take a battering over the two days and more on Monday as people don't tend to go out much and therefore can afford to put more away (unless you're diary is filled with more social events than that of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, in which case, we feel you. Put away half).

Save, or print off the chart below; it fits neatly on a one A4 page, and then start checking of the days. Be sure to let us know how much you save after 31 days!